Roadburn Festival and East Coast US
Thrilled MJ G will be a part of the excellent Roadburn Festival in Tilberg this coming April. More info here. And before heading to the Netherlands, there will be a small handful of east coast US shows with old pals Thou: Providence, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore (dates and info on the live page)

I have a few leftover tour shirts in various sizes. Would you like one? They are $15 + shipping. E-mail your size to and you'll get a reply back with availability, etc. They look like this:

Talk Talk
Resident Advisor featured Kranky as the label of the month and I talked with Andrew Ryce about what makes them so great. Read it here, along with takes from other Kranky artists and the people behind the magic curtain.
Also I talked with a new art blog called Loose Ties about MJ Guider, my work life, birds, backpacks, and other stuff. That's over here.

2018 west coast tour supporting Thou
Check out the (new) Live page for dates, places, and friends. And hopefully see you at one of the shows if your town is on the list.

Live band debut
The very first officially-official MJ Guider live band performance will take place August 31, 2018 at Defend New Orleans (600 Carondolet St) for Thou's Magus album release on Sacred Bones. This is the first time I'll be playing most of these songs live, and I'll be joined by the amazing Mike Wilkinson and Emily McWilliams on guitar and synth/vocals respectively. Early show at 6PM with Thou wrapped up by 9.

Thanks to the person responsible for creating this video - it's helping ease the oppressive summer heat.

I provided some vocals (or did I play harmonica?) for my pals Thou's EP Inconsolable, which is already out digitally on Bandcamp, on CD from Gilead Media, and will be released on vinyl later this month on Community Records. Vinyl can be pre-ordered here or here.

Solo imrovisation performance for BE/WITH
On April 22, 2018, I've been invited to make some off-the-cuff amplified noise for Shannon Stewart's BE/WITH at the incredibly beautiful Marigny Opera House. I'll be paired at random with one of the 8 dancers and we'll make something happen. Presumably something magical. This is a documentation-free event, so (New Orleaneans) either be there or take my word for it.

Upcoming live collaboration
Catch me at Trinity Episcopal on February 17, 2018 for an improvised collaboration with two of my favorite musicians, Andy Gibbs (Thou) and Mike Wilkinson (Marker) + 5 dancers. We perform around 10.

Church on a Saturday
The first Known Mass: St. Maurice was excellent. Here are a few photos from the run-through by Camille Lenain, plus a post-performance celebratory champagne hug with show creator Ann Glaviano, just moments after she poured water all over her head (while I am relatively dry).

The inaugural outing of St. Maurice
Dancer, choreographer, collaborator, and longtime friend Ann Glaviano's Known Mass: St. Maurice project is making its debut at Art Klub New Orleans as part of their Aesthetics of Garbage series for Prospect 4. Ann asked me to provide music for the show, so I went a bit overboard and have written an actual "mass". I'll be performing version 1.0 of this work for both performances on February 17, 2018. I'm so excited about this collaboration and this is just the beginning of the project. Expect to see future performances of the show as well as an EP of the mass in the not-so-distant future.

Discovery of Voyager at Music Box Village
I will be joining an ensemble of incredible musicians compiled by Balkan group Blato Zlato to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager and the Golden Records into space: December 1 & 2, 2017 at the Music Box Village in New Orleans. Find me in the "TV House" under the oscilloscope with a small pile of electronics and the house synthesizer (and hear a new MJ G song written for the occasion during the launch sequence). More info here.

Interview in Debyutantka #1
Honored to be among some great company in the first issue of this zine, alongside Jefre Cantu Ledesma, Windy (of Windy and Carl), Mary Lattimore, and Tangible Rays. My interview can be read below, but the whole zine can be found right here. Some great horror movie recommendations, too.