6/25/21 - Experimental Sound Studio Quarantine Concert, "An Auditory Revisualism" presented by The Consortionist with Heiroglyphic Being, Sabiwa, Noel V. Harmonson, cave__baby, Tallawit Timbouktu, Alison Cheeseman, Holly Hunt, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Alli Warren & Syd Staiti, Bill Noertker's Vhythm
5/17-18/19 - Shreveport at minicine? with Known Mass dancers
5/9-11/19 - New Orleans at Happyland with Known Mass dancers
4/14/19 - Tilburg, Netherlands at Roadburn Festival
4/9/19 - Baltimore at Metro Gallery with Thou, The Rememberables
4/8/19 - Philadelphia at PhilaMOCA with Thou, Screaming Females
4/7/19 - NYC at Brooklyn Bazaar with Thou, Emma Ruth Rundle
4/6/19 - Providence at AS220 with Thou, Emma Ruth Rundle, Gertrude Atherton
12/17/18 - Austin at Lost Well with Thou, Die Young, Private Service
12/16/18 - San Antonio at Limelight with Thou, Amygdala
12/15/18 - Santa Fe at The Cave with Thou, Lilith
12/14/18 - Phoenix at Cricket Pavilion/Wall Street with Thou, Lana Del Rabies, Ceremented
12/13/18 - San Diego at Che Cafe with Thou, Miserable
12/12/18 - Los Angeles at Union with Thou, Miserable, Whelm
12/11/18 - Oakland at Starline Social Club with Thou, Gayphextwin, Cell Rot
12/11/18 - Oakland at 1234Go! matinee with Thou, Try the Pie
12/10/18 - San Francisco at Balboa Theatre with Thou, Spellling
12/9/18 - Eureka at Sirens Song with Thou, Mars, Cissies
12/8/18 - Salem at Burial Grounds with Thou, Hell
12/7/18 - Portland at High Water Mark matinee with Thou
12/6/18 - Anacortes at Kennelly Keys with Thou, Mara
12/5/18 - Seattle at Vera Project with Thou
12/4/18 - Portland at Tonic with Thou, Blackwater Holylight
12/3/18 - Boise at Bump Magazine with Thou, Tispur, Throes
12/2/18 - Salt Lake City at Diabolical Records with Thou, 2-Headed Whale, Durian Durian
12/1/18 - Laramie at Great Untamed with Thou, Euth, Lingua Ignota, Many Blessings
12/1/18 - Denver at Nude City Relief Center matinee with Thou, Lingua Ignota
11/30/18 - Denver at Syntax Physic Opera with Thou, Lingua Ignota, Blood Incantation
11/29/18 - Dallas at RBC with Thou, Mass Exhibit, Akkolyte
8/31/18 - New Orleans at Defend New Orleans with Thou + Max Seckel show closing
4/22/18 - New Orleans at Marigny Opera House for Be/With
3/23/18 - New Orleans at Trinity Episcopal with Mike Wilkinson, Andy Gibbs
2/17/18 - New Orleans at Art Klub with Known Mass dancers
1/20/18 - New Orleans at Hey! Cafe (DJ set) with Supplicate, Jasper den Hartigh
12/1+2/17 - New Orleans at Music Box Village for Discovery of Voyager